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Anti-depressants for road rage?

This is very much old news as the article was published in 2006, however, I just came across it now and found it a great example of the extreme overmedication going on in our society.

The article linked below discusses that road rage has been officially diagnosed as “intermittent explosive behavior” and can be treated with anti-depressants. Seriously? We are going to medicate ourselves for the fact that many a driver is inconsiderate and lacks road ethic such as letting others merge, not blocking intersections, yielding to those with right of way, and not texting behind the wheel? Somehow it makes more sense (to me at least) to have driver license test retakes every certain number of years, or cops more aware of people driving like fools in order to get home ASAP to watch TV, rather than putting drivers on pills that have drowsiness, suicidal tendencies, and everything but anal bleeding as a side effect.

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